The Cocktail Party

Good Morning dolls,

Last Friday night a friend of mine hosted a “Girl’s Night In” to raise money for women’s cancers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but they raised an amazing $2650, over $1000 more than their goal. This event got me thinking about the good old fashioned cocktail parties that seem to be so unheard of these days. As much as I love the idea of having a “Girl’s Night In” to support a charity it makes me sad that we need a reason to throw one. We are all so willing to spend a little extra cash and go out to a restaurant rather than spend a little extra time in the kitchen to cook with, and for, friends.

I don’t mean to sound so judgemental because of course I myself am guilty of this crime. I all too willingly go out for dinner with friends for some girl time, regardless of how low my bank account may be, rather than put some time or effort in. I shouldn’t really be surprised though. Once again I am also guilty, along with almost everyone else I know, of another crime.

I never have enough time.

Also known as;

Not enough hours in the day-itis.


  • Running out of time.
  • Misplacing an hour or two here and there.
  • Having more activities/assignments/plans than the amount of hours within one day.

WARNING! If this sounds familiar you should probably go and get tested.

When you think about it though, the way we eat today is pretty disappointing. As much as I support those who look to ‘Lite’n’Easy’ and the like to lose weight (which I definitely feel is the healthiest way to do it) it just doesn’t seem right that we no longer have the time to make a home cooked meal that is both healthy and delicious. Ultimately, it’s just too hard. 

I don’t expect people to be spending hours in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove or anything oppressive like that. However, I feel why not follow in the footsteps of ‘Lite’n’Easy’ and make some meals that you can freeze for future you so that when you’re in a rush you can still sit down and appreciate a good meal without staying up all night trying to fit everything in. I made mini arancini over the weekend in light of the cocktail party inspiration and so far they’ve served as lunch and dinner on 2 different days this week alone. I have to say, it wasn’t too hard or time consuming for what it was worth.

I think next time the girl’s and I decide to have a big catch up I’ll definitely be on side for a night in with some homemade finger food and wine. No restaurant can beat that. I know whipping up some glorious tapas and dessert for you and all your friends can seem quite daunting and frankly, quite time consuming, it shouldn’t be! Why not make one dish to share and allocate each one of your friends to do the same. The result is a fun night in with the girls, a various array of goodies to share, no stress and no dint in the bank account. Win win.

If you want to whip up some tapas yourself you try out the Mini Broad Bean and Fetta Arancini recipe from the Coles website.

Lady Jayy. xo


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