Hey dolls,

I am Lady Jayy and I am a uni student studying media. Hopefully my venture into the blogosphere can help me in future and be a fun experience along the way. I love to write and I’m always willing to share my opinions so I can’t see how this couldn’t work out!

Amateur Food Fiend is a blog about my love for food and creating something new and delicious out of an assortment of ingredients. My first 10 posts will focus on trying out different recipes and learning new skills in the kitchen from baking to frying to roasting. I’m ready to try anything. I might also throw in a review here and there. After that, I’m not sure what could happen, however I will probably add a few more blogs about whatever happens to pop into my mind whilst I continue to make a mess of my mum’s kitchen.

As you may have already noticed, my blog layout is quite fifties inspired, a very intentional statement of my love for this era and of course the representation of the domestic goddess that is the original housewife.

Lady Jayy. xo


One thought on “About

  1. I love the look of your blog, it’s fantastic! While I don’t love to cook, I can’t wait to follow your cooking stories. Hopefully it will give me some motivation to start cooking myself! 🙂

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