Food for Thought

Good Afternoon Dolls,

As I was reading through last week’s Herald Sun Sunday magazine the other morning whilst eating my usual bowl of Just Right I came across an article from Steven Poole’s, You Aren’t What You Eat: Fed Up with Gastroculture. Expecting to find an interesting insight about food, cooking or the like, I instead read on to surprisingly find criticisms of the current foodie culture we live in and many of us love.

Steven goes on to describe the stereotypical fanatic response of screaming girls usually found at a ‘One Direction’ concert that now seem to be appearing at Jamie Oliver appearances and Masterchef demonstrations. Whilst the overwhelming audience reaction can seem a little unnecessary and girls on the brink of fainting is overly dramatic I cease to understand why this new found love of food and cooking is a negative?

He says, “We’re living in the Age of Food.”

That might seem a simple statement but the context within the article is dripping with judgement and disapproval. He states, “food festivals are the new rock festivals,” as if he would prefer the youth to be parading around in short shorts and tops that barely cover their breasts, let alone anything else, drinking and doing only God knows what. That’s not to say I have anything against a good music festival, don’t get me wrong I love them, but why is it bad that food festivals are gaining similar popularity?

Before this current foodie obsession begun, and even now, however, I’m sure I could find various different articles that complain about the laziness of Gen Y and how the youth of today no longer help out in the kitchen or around the house like they used to. But as soon as society takes up some of this advice and gets involved in the kitchen again that’s seen as just as bad. We can’t seem to win. Although I personally am not a fan of Junior Masterchef due to the competitive nature thrust upon such young children I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for children to start learning vital skills for the future and experimenting with the different talents they may have.

I was really disappointed in Steven’s perspective because of all the things in the world to complain about, I think the current foodie trend is pretty low on the priority list.

To show him how much his unnecessary complaining affects me, here is another recipe for you to try. This is one of my all time favourite dinners because it’s pretty simple but just by changing an ingredient or flavour it creates a completely new taste sensation. I found this in the Gourmet Garden recipe book for Stir Fry, Rice and Noodles.

The beauty of a stir fry is that you can easily remove certain vegetables that you may not like, such as carrots for me and add those that you do. I’ve linked you to the recipe that I used as a basis but instead of prawns I used chicken, and I also added baby corn, mushrooms and broccoli. But the main thai seasoning remained the same. Never feel scared to add more or less flavouring though to suit your tastes.

Experiment away my friends. 🙂

Lady Jayy xo


Girls Night In

Good evening dolls,

On Monday both my brother and my dad left our lovely little home not scheduled to return for a few days. Rhett, the brother, was off to school camp (he’s a PE teacher) and my dad was off to Sydney for work. This left my mum and I with a house to ourselves for at least 2 nights. Despite a little sadness for the missing members of our family, mum and I also revelled in the little freedom this week offered because it was just us girls.

Now I don’t know about your relationship with your family or mother but mine is a close one. Especially with my mum. We’ve always been that way. I’ve always told her everything….well mostly and despite our very vocal arguments we’ve always gotten along splendidly. I’ve had many friends who have been part of the “I Hate my Mum” crew but I’ve never even thought of signing up. It’s just never been like that.

When the boys go away, this is when my mother and I play. 🙂 We get to;

  • watch all our girly shows without complaint
  • bring my puppy Ruby in without complaint and,
  • make yummy dinners that we love without complaint

Hmm. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Anyway, first night they are gone mum and I enjoyed big bowls of stroganoff and rice in front of the TV while Ruby sat happily at our feet.

Stroganoff = one of my fave meals.
Boys = hate it.
Rare Meal.

Last night, I decided I’d return the favour. Mum has been cooking for me for about, ummmm, my whole life so I figured I’d let her take the night off and whip her up something yummy. My dinner expertise outside of varying types of pasta is in definite need of improvement and what better person to use as my guinea pig than the mumma.

I decided on Spicy Chicken Breasts with Avocado Sauce, a recipe I found in the free Coles magazine I picked up when I was grocery shopping the other day. What could possibly go wrong? (Well, a few things actually but I’ll save that for later.)

Being able to serve my mum up some dinner without her having to do anything was a great feeling and something I’ll hopefully be able to repeat again soon. Gotta share the love. I must admit, dinner did taste delicious however, I do have some tips if I was going to try the recipe again or for those of you who want to try it.

  1. Make the avocado sauce first
  2. Don’t put the potatoes on too early
  3. Make sure you use really tender chicken so it’s easy to slice
  4. Serve everything as soon as it’s ready and hot!

My dish may have been a little more on the warm side but hey, it was a first try and not everyone’s perfect. As my mum said, “I don’t care, I just like having someone make me dinner for once!” Warm fuzzies all round.

If your mouths watering go and have a look at the website and try it yourself. 🙂

Lady Jayy. xo

PS. Those gals out there enjoying the 1950’s vibe of my blog should deffs check out this website. I just discovered it through a friend today and it has some seriously great vintage items!