1950s Stylin’

Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls,

This week I took my cooking experience to a whole new level. I enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen and I am often quite surprised at my own ability when a recipe on paper ends up being a delicious dish all of my own accord. But sometimes whipping up a plateful of cupcakes can get a bit repetitive, messy, scattered, frustrating, time consuming, stressful and so on and so forth. I am definitely one to get flustered when things become overwhelming and this got me thinking about the ladies of the 1950s whom inspire me so much.

I know they were housewives built into societal roles of mother, wife and homemaker ultimately given the job to spend their days within the home but they were still pretty amazing at maintaining an immaculate home and appearance. Now I’m not in any way trying to glorify the ’50s or compare the women of today to those over 50 years ago. We all know their lives were not perfect. But their sense of style and grace was flawless.

Nobody wants to return to a time of patriarchal prime in which women were restricted to the home but maybe we can take a few tips from their composure or even borrow their beauty tips on the occasion. I don’t know about you but when I’m having a bad day not much helps more than getting dolled up to put a smile on my dial.

Just think about it though. We have to give these women some credit. They were dealing with;

  • the end of World War 2
  • the heating up of the Cold War
  • economic changes
  • advances in technology
  • the threat of rock’n’roll and
  • rebellious teenagers

All of this still with fresh lipstick and not a curl out of place. If only life could be that simple. It’s no wonder that whilst we have advanced in so many ways including gender equality, technology and opportunity we still look to the past for inspiration in today’s fashion. Every day we can see the resurfacing of vintage garb; the coiled up do’s, the perfect pouts, the hourglass figures. It can’t hurt to also seek cooking inspiration from these lovely ladies surprising the family with some sweet treats, trying out some cake decorations for a friend or making a sunday roast to bring the family together.

The 50’s weren’t all bad for the women.  

In case you hadn’t noticed already, I love the 50’s era and I may have a slight obsession with Marilyn Monroe. As such, in true 50’s style, I decided to spice up the usual routine of baking by getting dolled up and making cupcakes with a slight twist. Unlike the vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting that are an easy fave I decided to try out the special Red Velvet recipe; one I have never personally tried or made.

I even altered the frosting combination to use Activia Cream Cheese which actually helps lower cholesterol. Always a plus when craving something sweet whilst maintaining that hour glass!

Maybe you can try out some dress ups and baking too. The recipe can be found at;


Lady Jayy. xo